96% increase in Return on Ad Spend from Q4 2016 to Q4 2017


79% Increase in Conversion Rates due to exclusive coupons


30% increase in Revenue



A well-known athletic brand was looking to increase average order value and increase their Return On Ad Spend through the use of promotions on deal and coupon sites.



A well-known athletic brand was looking to get more out of their deal and coupon site traffic. Ignite audited their coupons and A/B tested coupons to identify which versions aggregated the highest Average Order Value (AOV).  Following the audit, Ignite doubled down on the coupons with the highest AOV, which increased revenue 30% and drove additional incremental traffic from these deal and coupon sites. In addition, Ignite OPM's experience in the affiliate space allowed us to optimize pricing to align the lowest cost with the highest volume for these publishers.  Adjusting cost while increasing AOV drove a 96% increase in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Working with advertisers to create exclusive coupons that were relevant and targeted to each of our publisher’s audiences attributed to a 79% increase in conversion rates and 30% increase in revenue for the well-known athletic brand.