Welcome to the Quip Affiliate Program

Quip is changing the at-home oral care game. Offering a subscription service that delivers toothbrush head and battery replacements automatically every three months, Quip's business model takes the stress out of maintaining strong oral health. Coined the "Tesla of toothbrushes", Quip features two toothbrush bodies, metal and plastic, respectively. Maintaining oral health is no longer a chore with the sleek, affordable, innovative solutions Quip toothbrushes and accessories. Are you an affiliate looking to run the Quip Affiliate Program? Sign up now!



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We are looking for fresh voices to review our subscription service.

If you want to try Quip for yourself and have 100k+ site visits per month, contact our affiliate team for a free box and share your experience with your audience.

If you don't have this many visits, don't worry! Once you drive five sales as a Quip affiliate, you qualify for a free box.


We are looking to partner with social, content, and blog publishers to help spread the word about Quip. Unfortunately, we are not looking to partner with deal sites at this time.


We look forward to working and collaborating with you. For any questions regarding getting setup, payouts, promotions, etc. please feel free to reach out! Contact the Quip Affiliate Team.