Paribus Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

Revised January 11, 2018 


A. How to Talk About Paribus – “Do’s”

What is Paribus?

Paribus finds refunds customers are owed from online stores, effortlessly! Many stores have price adjustment policies, so that if a customer buys something and it goes on sale shortly after, they are guaranteed the price difference back. In most cases, people are responsible for identifying price drops and have to request refunds themselves. This can take a lot of time and effort. Paribus makes it easy – saving money by doing the legwork for its customers.


How does Paribus work?

Users sign up for Paribus using the email address that receives their online shopping receipts. Paribus will then monitor their online receipts and look for price drops on the items purchased. If they are eligible for a price adjustment, Paribus will alert them and the retailer and work to get the user’s money back based on the discounted price.

Paribus monitors major online stores including: Target, Kohls, GAP, Old Navy, Walmart, Macy's, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and many more! You can view a list of stores that Paribus monitors here.  This list is subject to change as retailers change their policies.

In addition to price drops, Paribus also tracks the delivery status of online purchases at select retailers (currently Amazon and Walmart). If a guaranteed order arrives later than the retailer promised, Paribus automatically contacts the merchant to request compensation.

How much does Paribus cost?

Paribus is 100% free to join and customers keep 100% of the savings – no hidden fees, nothing your mother would frown at.


Here are some acceptable soundbytes:

Paribus finds you refunds when prices drop at online stores that have a price protection policy

Paribus monitors your emails for receipts at eligible stores, then tracks the prices of the items you bought (so you don’t have to).

When a price drops after you buy (within the time allowed in the merchant’s price drop policy), Paribus helps you get a refund for the difference.

See the Paribus website for a list of online stores and hotels that Paribus monitors.

Paribus is 100% free.



  • Do put a date on all articles mentioning Paribus.

  • Do refer to the stores with price drop policies as “online stores Paribus monitors.”

  • Do include a link to the stores Paribus monitors or refer to the Paribus website for a list.

  • Do use the FTC Material Connection Disclosure on every article, in a clear and conspicuous manner: “Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links provided.” See section D below for details.

  • Do mention late delivery monitoring at Amazon (and Walmart) for shipments with guaranteed delivery – but do not list Amazon as a merchant that offers price drop refunds (see don’ts).

  • Do make clear the Paribus service is for purchases at “online, eligible retailers/stores.” The service does not work with in-store purchases.


B. How To Talk About Paribus – Donts

  • Don’t suggest there is an affiliation, partnership or other relationship between Paribus and the stores it monitors. Paribus does not support, partner or cover retailers and instead acts as an independent, online price monitoring service. (High Severity)

  • Don’t reference an individual store Paribus monitors by name without checking Paribus’ website for current availability. Stores change their policies often, and the list of eligible merchants changes from time to time. (High Severity)

  • Don’t include Amazon in a general list of merchants Paribus monitors or state that Amazon offers refunds for price drops. Amazon no longer has a price adjustment policy. We only monitor Amazon for late deliveries. (High Severity)

  • Don’t refer to “automatic” refunds. Due to changing retailer policies, not all refunds are issued automatically. In some cases, retailers may require additional steps by the consumer (filling out a form, a phone call, etc.). In those cases, Paribus provides the customer with instructions on how to obtain their receipt. However, it is acceptable to say Paribus does the heavy lifting to get you a refund. (Medium Severity)

  • Don’t disparage retailers. Do not imply that retailers are overcharging customers, cannot be trusted, etc. The service is designed to help customers take advantage of money-saving policies these stores have chosen to offer. (High Severity)

  • Don’t mention credit card price protection. Paribus no longer offers this service. (High Severity)

  • Don’t mention a 25% success fee. Paribus is now 100% free. (Low Severity)


C. Answering Questions From Consumers

Affiliates may answer consumers’ very basic questions about the Paribus service.  Answers should follow these Guidelines.

Affiliates should not attempt to answer questions on any topic not covered by these Guidelines and any sensitive topics (for example, data privacy).  These questions should be referred to Paribus Customer Service at


D.  FTC Material Connection Disclosure  (High Severity)

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that all paid affiliate relationships must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed.  Scrutiny has been high in this area.

The following disclosure should be used (unless an alternate version is approved by Paribus):

“Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.”

The disclosure must be clear and conspicuous:

  • It must be close to the claims to which it relates (immediately before or after the Paribus post);

  • in at least 8 point font;

  • in a shade that stands out against the background; and

  • for video ads, on the screen long enough to be noticed, read, and understood.

This disclosure cannot be part of a catch-all disclosure.  For example, “I receive compensation for some of the products I discuss on this site.”

This disclosure cannot be contained in a hyperlink to a full-disclosure elsewhere on site.

Social media guidelines:

  • Youtube – must be stated/displayed at the beginning of the video. A listing in the description is not enough.

  • Instagram - Disclosure should be present in the first three lines before a user would have to click ‘more.’

  • Snapchat/Instagram Stories – The disclosure must be superimposed on image and conspicuous (i.e. font must be on a contrasting background & must be visible for a reasonable amount of time for your audience to understand the relationship)

  • Reasonable hashtags/ disclosures for social media platforms with limited characters: paid ad, sponsored, promoted, ad:, #ad, #sponsored. No other alternatives are permitted.

  • If you have questions, reference:


E.  Approved Metrics Claims

From time to time, Paribus will publish statistical claims about price drops on certain types of items, during certain seasons, etc. that are available for use by Affiliates.