Case Study: In-House vs Outsourced Affiliate Management

Ignite OPM took over a program ran in-house and was able to immediately make optimizations that caused a 10% decrease in spend while increasing sales by 10%.  Here's how we did it.



1  |  Publisher ROI Optimizations

Within a month of taking over the affiliate program,
we were able to slash costs through more effective publisher pricing optimizations based on quality.  This increased profitability, while continuing to grow volume.


2  |  Preferred Agency Pricing

Ignite OPM's existing relationships with quality publishers allowed us to negotiate better pricing than what in-house management could obtain.  This increased exposure and lowered costs.


3  |  Custom Recruitment

Ignite OPM not only partnered its client with our relevant, existing relationships, but also grew distribution through non-traditional, customized recruitment opportunities.  Recruiting outside the box allowed us to grow upper funnel placements to support lower funnel placements, which ultimately grew volume and profitability.


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