The Perfect Feeding Duo: ezpz Products + Baby Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a feeding method that skips puree foods and starts baby on the same solid foods as the rest of the family. Introducing your baby to the joy of whole foods is easier for you AND baby when using ezpz! Here are a few of the benefits when using ezpz products:

  • ezpz mats capture the mess associated with BLW and make for easy cleanup
  • The patented suction technology eliminates the frustration of tipped bowls and plates
  • ezpz mats are made of food-grade silicone that is bendable, allowing baby to easily grab foods with their whole hand or fingers (and learn how to self-feed!)
  • ezpz mats suction to the surface, allowing baby to maintain their feeding position by holding onto the mat
  • ezpz mats are portion-sized to help the feeder quickly measure how much your baby consumes at each feeding
  • ezpz plates have three compartments to remind parents to serve a fruit or veggie, protein and carbohydrate
  • The smiley face design makes food art simple and helps expose picky eaters to whole food
  • The different colors and designs of ezpz mats puts kids in the right mood for a positive mealtime experience

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