How Does Ignite OPM Affiliate Agency Work?

Ignite's Affiliate Management Agency's foundational goal is to strategically manage affiliate programs in a way that drives profitability, volume, and incremental traffic.  That is our goal every day for each of our clients.  

Many people new to running affiliate programs don't realize everything involved. The set up of the program in an affiliate tracking platform such as Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Rakuten or Share A Sale is especially important to do right.  When setting up a program, it's important to consider current needs as well as your needs once you scale. In addition, now is the time to consider the kind of reporting you need for optimizations.  Once you figure out the reporting you'd like, then you need to ensure you're passing back the proper variables in your tracking link.

Once its set up, recruitment begins.  Ignite OPM looks at its 1,000+ existing relationships and matches each client with the appropriate target audience. We consider demographic, psycho-graphic and behavioral characteristics when finding good matches.  We then go out and custom recruit both traditional and non-tradition affiliates.  This is where a lot of time is spent, since this custom recruitment is important to gaining incremental traffic and market share.   

After we recruit, we then have to help the affiliates with on-boarding and start incentivizing them to drive traffic.  This is where our understanding of what kind of promotion motivates each affiliate helps a lot.  Then, once the affiliate starts driving sales, we sit in the numbers. We analyze numbers. We optimize to see the numbers fall within each client's CPA or ROAS target goals.  We continue to dive into the numbers constantly to find scaleable opportunities, red flags and continued ROI optimizations.

Speaking of red flags, as soon as the affiliate comes on board, we're making sure they are running our client in the way they said they would.  We have automated systems looking for affiliates not playing by the rules and then take care of it for our clients. When we dive into the numbers, we are looking for things that are "off", and get in front of any potential issues.

We are constantly looking for new, innovative opportunities and partnerships to help our clients grow in volume and scale.  We are balancing attribution, frequency, creative, reach, and affiliate schedules to ensure every client is getting the most optimized and profitable affiliate program out there. And at the end of the day, all of this is done by us on behalf of our client. Most of our clients spend no more than 2 hours per week even thinking about their affiliate program because we've proven that we can take care of all of it for them. They just sit back and watch it grow. 

Here's a fun video to show you how complicated the affiliate world is and how we help our clients.