Custom Granola, Luxury Watches & Sports Equipment – Ignite OPM Introduces 3 New Affiliate Programs

Ignite OPM continues to make forward strides, and this month is no exception. As Ignite OPM continues to cause a splash in the affiliate marketing world, 3 new clients decided to catch the wave – and rightfully so!

Lauren Pfanmiller, Managing Director of Ignite says, “Although our clients seem to funnel into familiar industries (retail, subscriptions, travel) our non-stop sales force continues to find new, unchartered territories for Ignite OPM to break through – like, custom granola... are you kidding me?! We’ll take it!” Let’s be honest, there’s little to disagree with Lauren on here. Ignite OPM continues to catch brands as they’re at the brink of a break-through, and they really rely on Ignite to not only springboard their affiliate marketing efforts, but focus on the optimization strategies that take their affiliate programs from an upward trend to “why didn’t we do this years ago?!”.

Here’s a closer look at our new partner brands:

Mizuno USA, Inc.’s manufactures and distributes high quality golf, baseball, softball, running, track & field and volleyball equipment, apparel, and footwear. Sports provide diverse value and play a vital role in helping people to lead a prosperous and comfortable lifestyle. Mizuno not only supports sporting activities by offering better sporting goods, but also develops products and services that make the most of the value of sports. Simply put, Mizuno strives to keep people around the world happy through the power of sports.

Learn more and  join the Mizuno affiliate program.

Bear Naked Custom-Made Granola launched in April 2016, is a direct-to-consumer custom granola platform.  On their website, consumers can create their own custom granola from over 50+ ingredients, including both traditional (strawberries, dark chocolate, praline pecans) and non-traditional (bourbon flavor, coffee brittle, jalapeño).  They can then customize their packaging and have their creation shipped right to their door.  Bear Naked proudly partnered with IBM Chef Watson and The Culinary Institute of America to deliver a great experience and great food. Bear Naked Custom Made aims to satisfy millennial consumers’ desire for “taste exploration” and customization needs that are not currently met via traditional retail offerings. 

Learn more and  join the Bear Naked Custom Made affiliate program.

Brathwait Watches is an honest look at modern watchmaking; simple, transparent and luxurious. Brathwait creates iconic wristwatches dedicated to the world's first gentleman, Richard Brathwait. Marketed towards the fashion forward gentlemen and women, Brathwait is all about genuine quality at a great price. By pulling back the curtains, Brathwait strives to do away with industry short-cuts and cheap solutions. This commitment doesn't make them the most profitable company, rather positioning their brand image to hold honestly, quality and integrity at the forefront of their core values. Some call it stupid, they call it fair. 

Learn more and  join the Brathwait affiliate program.

 If you’re interested in learning more about how Ignite can help you grow your affiliate and social influencer channels, please reach out.  If you’re an influencer and would like to partner with us for any of our clients, you can find more information about the programs here.