Ignite OPM is a Certified Agency Partner of Impact Radius

Impact Radius recently announced its new Partner Manager Certification program to develop training and certification for their most trusted agencies.  Ignite OPM was one of the first agencies to become a Certified Partner of Impact Radius.

Ignite OPM demonstrated mastery of executing performance marketing campaigns that drive ROI and maximize the value for our clients. Since many of Ignite’s programs are managed through Impact Radius, this is a big win not only for our clients, but for the agency as a whole. “Earning this credibility just goes to show how experienced, ambitious and dedicated our team really is. Impact Radius does an excellent job of providing us with the tools and resources to successfully manage our affiliate programs, and earning this certification truly is an honor” praises Lauren Pfanmiller, Ignite’s Managing Director.

Impact Radius, labeled “the smarter way to manage your digital marketing”, was founded in 2008 and has without a question transformed digital marketing technology. Calling it ‘the science behind the art of marketing’, Impact Radius has streamlined the way advertises handle media and performance. Their integrated suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition – across all devices and channels. The high-level functionality of this platform, along with the user-friendly interface, makes Impact Radius the industry-leading affiliate marketing resource.

Ignite OPM has taken this powerful resource and didn’t just learn it, we mastered it. Much like a golfer mastering both his clubs and the course, being Partner Manager Certified within Impact Radius allows Ignite OPM to maximize the potential of each affiliate program by capitalizing on each necessary function.  Just one more thing that separates Ignite OPM from the rest!