Subscription Box
Case Study


40% Reduction
in Cost per Sale

52% Growth
in Revenue

Average 26% Month over Month Growth in Number of Sales


A subscription box client came to Ignite looking for help increasing new user acquisition and sales volume across content sites, social influencers, and non-traditional affiliates, while optimizing towards publishers driving the highest LTV and lowest subscription churn rates.  They also wanted to reduce the cost of discounts while maintaining volume. Lastly, they looked to reduce the overall cost per action.

Ignite OPM’s Approach

Ignite targeted this brand’s demographic of highly educated, affluent parents, where they spend their time online – reading blogs, shopping on loyalty and deal sites, researching products and surfing the web. The team recruited and on-boarded targeted partners who reached the brand’s demographic and implemented channel specific messaging, pricing, and promotions to ensure the greatest ROI possible. Lastly, Ignite carefully analyzed this brand’s KPIs in order to optimize new user acquisition based on their Cost Per Action (CPA) goals.

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