Increased Sales with Exclusive Promotions


46% Month over Month
Increase from
Exclusive Discounts

151% Increase on Targeted
Content Using
Semi-Exclusive Promotions

A/B Testing Identified Best
Exclusive and Limited-Time Promotions Before High Season


This children’s brand wanted to test exclusive and semi-exclusive promotions for a month to determine uplift, incremental sales volume, and impacted publisher channels.

Ignite OPM’s Approach

Ignite OPM tested exclusive and semi-exclusive promotions to determine uplift, incremental sales, and impacted publisher channels. In turn, this children’s brand saw a 151% increase on targeted content sites and a 46% Month-over-Month increase from exclusive coupons. Additionally, Ignite OPM’s A/B testing was able to identify the best exclusive and limited-time promotions before this brand’s high season.

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