Targeting Affluent Households

Affluent Households Results

ROAS 25:1
(Return on Ad Spend)

Average 102% Growth Month
over Month (After Month 3)

Average 106% Increase in
Productive Publishers
(Quarter over Quarter)


A popular, high-end food delivery service was looking to increase sales volume across traditional and non-traditional affiliates, including deal and coupon, content and review sites, influencers, mobile, video and social, while optimizing towards publishers driving the highest LTV and return customer rates.

They are also looking to maintain and control brand messaging and promotions across all channels.

Ignite OPM’s Approach

Ignite developed targeted strategies to reach highly educated, affluent households, online based on research around demographics, psychographic behaviors and competitive analysis. We recruited the partners needed to reach their target demographic and branding requirements, diversified reach into multiple strategic channels, and carefully analyzed their KPIs in order to optimize new user acquisition based on their ROI goals.

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