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The Ignite team is committed to understanding the goals and KPIs important to your business. We are experts in developing and implementing a customized digital strategy that will be instrumental in achieving those objectives.

40% reduction
in CPA
96% increase
Financial App
75% increase
in app installs
151% increase
from content sites
Fashion Brand Increases Revenue Year Over Year
Results 118% Increase in Revenue Year over Year 92% Increase in Clicks 131% Increase in Orders Objective This well-known fashion brand came to Perform[cb] Agency looking to increase their affiliate revenue, in addition to increasing the number of partners integrated with their program. Approach Perform[cb] Agency partnered with this fashion brand, working closely with the […]
Mobile Client Sees Success with NFL CPI Campaign
Results 2,500+ installs during the campaign 100% to target CPA goal 1,200+ registrations during the campaign Approach An Ignite mobile client invested in a push notification campaign with a major wireless carrier at the start of the 2019 NFL season. This campaign ran on a CPI with no flat-fee required. Over the course of the […]
Ebates Cashback Days Case Study
Results Approach Ebates Cashback Days are 1-day events that require a flat-fee investment and increased CPA for the advertiser. Since January 2019, the majority of Ignite clients have successfully participated in the Ebates Cashback Days, with an average of five clients participating monthly. From Q1 to Q3 2019, a large percentage of clients have invested […]
CPA-Based Search Partner Increases Volume & ROAS
Results Reduced CPA Cost by 4% Increased ROAS by 51% Approach Ignite OPM identified a significant cost inefficiency for this well-known athletic brand’s paid search partner. The Ignite team recommended an alternative solution that’s proving successful every month the campaign is live. Ignite found a partner who has been able to increase overall channel performance […]
Packaged Media Buys
Media packages significantly outperform single placements due to their ability to reach customers multiple times throughout their customer journey. On average, Ignite OPM sees packages outperform single placements by 150%. The Ignite team recommends at least four touch points through the user flow to maximize reach and frequency.
Planned Media Buys
Media buys scheduled at least 45 days in advance allow Ignite OPM to book the most premium inventory with the highest discounts. Last minute media buys result in lower performing remnant inventory placements, such as below the fold banner ads.
Paid Media Testing
The Ignite OPM team was looking to increase this client's participation in paid media, so the team conducted a short 1-day test campaign on Cashback Day 2019 to provide this client with evidence that media could provide them an increased ROI.
Targeting Affluent Households
A popular, high-end food delivery service was looking to increase sales volume across traditional and non-traditional affiliates, including deal and coupon, content and review sites, influencers, mobile, video and social, while optimizing towards publishers driving the highest LTV and return customer rates.
In-House vs Agency Affiliate Program
Within a month of taking over management of this brand’s affiliate program, Ignite was able to slash costs through more effective publisher pricing optimizations based on quality.
Subscription Box Case Study
A subscription box client came to Ignite looking for help increasing new user acquisition and sales volume across content sites, social influencers, and non-traditional affiliates, while optimizing towards publishers driving the highest LTV and lowest subscription churn rates.

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