Ignite OPM Is Excited To Start Managing The Sirius XM Affiliate Program!

January 24, 2018

While trying to contain as much excitement as possible, Ignite OPM is beyond pleased to welcome Sirius XM Satellite Radio to the family!

Sirius XM creates and offers commercial-free music, premier sports (NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, and more), live events, news, comedy, exclusive talk and entertainment, and a wide variety of Latin commercial-free music, sports, and talk programming. Sirius XM is also one of the world’s largest pure-play audio entertainment companies and is among the largest subscription media companies in the United States, offering an impressive array of exclusive content that spans virtually all genres and interests. Sirius XM is available in vehicles from every major car company in the U.S. and smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online streaming.

Lauren, Ignite OPM’s Managing Director, said “We are very excited for Sirius XM to join Ignite OPM’s vast number of subscription-focused clients.  Our partnership provides a crucial opportunity to show larger brands, like Sirius XM, how Ignite OPM can foster publisher relationships and paid media opportunities to grow Sirius XM’s customer base in a cost-effective, profitable way. With dozens of publishers already chomping at the bit to promote Sirius XM, I can’t wait to lock in quality placements and deliver innovative solutions to the Sirius XM team – game on!”

One fundamental element that makes this partnership so exciting is Sirius XM’s subscription packages. Ignite OPM continues to find dominating success with clients who use a subscription model, and to some who may find this model unfamiliar or non-traditional, Ignite OPM sees it as “home field advantage”. By partnering with Ignite OPM, Sirius XM is now able to take advantage of quality subscription-focused publisher relationships and paid media opportunities to increase conversion volume and overall brand awareness. Furthermore, when working with subscription models, Ignite OPM has the experience to dive deeper than the average performance reports provided within affiliate networks. Ignite OPM takes the time to dive into more granular data, such as lifetime value analysis (LTV), to dissect the consumer behavior within that subscription model, which in-turn better helps predict the current and future relationship of each customer. This is just one of MANY tricks Ignite OPM has up their sleeve!

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