Ignite OPM’s Postback 2018 Recap

August 2, 2018

Postback was a great conference for meeting with old friends, new friends, and discussing the most important issues facing the mobile space currently. Interestingly enough, the main issues that face the mobile space are the same ones that face marketers across the globe. The two major themes were how to utilize big data more effectively and how to better self-regulate the use of consumer data.

Self-regulating consumer data has been a popular topic this year largely due to things like GDPR and the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal. These issues have enlightened consumers about how their data is being used and reminds marketers of their responsibility to use the data appropriately. Many speakers at Postback discussed the importance of knowing how your customer’s data is being used ahead of time, as well as sharing that usage with your consumer. Furthermore, if marketers are going to want continued access to customer data, they will need their customers to feel like they are getting something valuable in return. Many companies and industries are creating self-regulating best practices to help all customers feel more comfortable with such use and tracking of their data.

The other theme throughout the conference was how to utilize big data more effectively. Dr. Tricia Wang spoke about “Thick Data” which adds consumer context to the big data. To get this context, marketers have to literally spend time with their customers to really understand their behavior to create better recommendations around the big data. These decisions affect everything from developing an overall cohesive marketing strategy to content creation and execution, as well as nurturing new partnerships. Agencies are frequently acting as the middleman to provide the human touch for big data and are being utilized to help provide that context and creative execution. Research is showing that brands who are utilizing agencies in such a way accomplish huge successes and growth when compared to those who don’t.