Ignite OPM Launches Zola Affiliate Program

June 29, 2018

Ignite OPM is excited to welcome Zola affiliate program aboard! As the digital one stop shop for all things wedding registry and planning, Zola is an exciting addition to the Ignite affiliate family.

Founded in 2013 by Shan-Lyn Ma, Zola is a New York-based wedding site that prides itself on ease of use and partnerships with vendors such as KitchenAid, Le Creust, Sonos, and Airbnb. Not to mention, their services are free. From over 100 free wedding website templates, to gift registries, wedding checklists, and guest list managers, Zola has got couples covered in every aspect of the planning process. Founder and CEO, Shan-Lyn Ma originally started Zola to reinvent the wedding registry process, but now sees an opportunity for something even greater as the company received $100 million in funding in May of 2018. Ma hopes to see Zola grow so that the company is able to be with couples from the moment they get engaged into their early years of marriage. With over 500,000 couples having already used the Zola platform for registries or their numerous wedding management tools, we’d say they’re off to a great start!

With numerous weddings being planned within the Ignite team, Zola’s arrival couldn’t be more timely. Senior Media Manager, Abby Herber, is currently in the process of planning her wedding using Zola and couldn’t say enough about how much she’s enjoyed the platform. Combining her website and registry, great recommendations from the wedding planning tool, and the ability to delegate gift arrival from the registry are just a few of the things Abby listed. In addition, the registry has extensive flexibility. Abby noted, “The options available for the registry are awesome. I could create a fund, add gifts from the Zola store, or download the Zola browser extension to add anything from other stores, such as Target or Crate & Barrel.” With all of these free tools at the modern bride’s fingertips, Zola has taken wedding planning to a new level of ease and convenience.

At first glance, Ignite OPM saw an opportunity to grow Zola’s mobile traffic and increase installs of the Zola app. Additionally, the sales team saw synergy between Zola’s core demographic and some existing clients, so the team could start growing the Zola program with many existing relationships. Ignite Media Manager, Alex Howell, stated she was looking forward to leveraging Ignite’s wedding-focused publisher base. Alex’s target demographic is primarily composed of females, ages 25-34, who are engaged and living in large urban centers. Senior Account Manager, Lindsay Hazlett, looks forward to working toward increasing both bride-to-be signups, as well as guest sales on the platform. Looking to the future, Lindsay sees opportunity to extend the reach of Zola’s ecommerce capabilities to the home goods space, looking beyond the wedding realm into the first few years of marriage. The potential is endless and the Ignite team is excited to see the Zola affiliate program take off.

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