Ignite OPM Launches Skillshare Affiliate Program

March 26, 2019

Ignite OPM excitedly welcomes the Skillshare Affiliate Program to the client family!

Launched in 2011, Skillshare is now an online learning community with over 4 million users and 22,000 courses. The company was founded on the idea that anyone, anywhere can be a teacher or a student. “NYU is a great school, but the entire state of New York can be a great university,” said Michael Karnjanaprakorn, co-founder of Skillshare. The Skillshare model allows its teachers to charge however much they want per seat in the class and receive 85% of however many seats are sold. Karnjanaprakorn says the idea was conceived while he was playing in the World Series of Poker; he made it to the top 13%, and when he came home from the tournament all of his friends wanted to learn how to play. That’s when Karnjanaprakorn realized there was a need for a platform that would easily allow him to share what he knew with others. Since the company’s start in 2011, it has expanded its offerings to include topics such as photography, animation, accounting, productivity, web development, and music production – just to name a few.

Ignite OPM Digital Marketing Specialist, Hannah Ervin, has been a Skillshare student in the past and loved the platform. “As an art student in college, I was always looking for inspiration and Skillshare provided me with endless creative outlets. My younger brother is going into audio engineering right now and has also used Skillshare to extend his learning. All around, we love everything the classes and community have to offer.”

Ignite Senior Account Team Lead, Casey Poeschl, and Media Manager, Alex Howell, are pumped to be working with the Skillshare team and their work within the affiliate channel. Casey is looking forward to optimizing the program saying, “We’re going to focus on commissions and offers based on publishers and where they fall in the funnel. We’ll also be working to update and expand the program’s tracking capabilities.”

Ignite is excited to work as an extension of Skillshare’s marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program.

Learn more and join the Skillshare Affiliate Program today!

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