Ignite OPM Launches Case-Mate Affiliate Program

February 26, 2019

Ignite OPM is ecstatic in welcoming the Case-Mate Affiliate Program to our client family!

Case-Mate is known for being the industry leader in phone protection and mobile accessories. From glitter and vibrant neon, to sleek and simple, Case-Mate phone cases offer a wide array of styles with guaranteed protection. In fact, Case-Mate’s protection is backed up by a warranty, ranging from 1 year to a lifetime, based on the product. These military-grade protected and ornately designed cases are available for a variety of phones and tablets, including the iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, or iPhone XR. In addition to phone cases, Case-Mate offers mobile accessories such as screen protectors and Qi-certified wireless chargers, which are also covered under Case-Mates’ warranty programs. With such amazing offerings and “co-molded 10 ft drop protection”, Ignite couldn’t be more excited to partner with and launch the Case-Mate affiliate program!

Ignite OPM Vibe Manager, Aza Weyer and Media Manager, Kiara Gitlin are big proponents of Case-Mate products. Having used her Case-Mate phone case for three years, Aza said the product was extremely reliable. Kiara also had her Case-Mate case for an extended period, noting that it was very sturdy. Additionally, Aza’s utilized Case-Mate’s personalization tools to create her own case design.

Ignite OPM Account Manager, Mike Martinez, couldn’t wait for the launch of the Case-Mate affiliate program. With close connections to the Case-Mate team, Mike is looking forward to quickly scaling this program saying, “This program shows a lot of promise for a few different reasons – the Case-Mate product and brand closely align with the travel tech and gadget vertical, which we’ve seen great success with. I’m also really excited to hear that Case-Mate has some great collaborations with male-centric brands, such as McClaren. It’s always appreciated when brands are aware of their limiting factors, in terms of demographic, and does something, like these male-targeted collaborations, to combat those limitations – it allows us to optimize the program much faster. We have a lot of male-focused tech, travel, and lifestyle publishers that would make great partners for Case-Mate; I’m excited to bridge this gap and help them achieve success from multiple angles!”

Ignite is excited to work as an extension of Case-Mate’s marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program.

Learn more and join the Case-Mate Affiliate Program today!