Mobile Affiliate Marketing. Look Beyond the Install...

As a full service mobile & app marketing agency, we create customized strategies to drive traffic and installs to your app or mobile site.  Using the cost-effective, affiliate marketing pricing structure, we create your strategy around what's most important to your business, whether its app installs, app engagement, registrations or first-time sales.  

What's mobile affiliate marketing? It means we do all of this on a Cost-Per-Action basis, so you're only paying when your required action is completed.

It's time to save money and scale your app & mobile traffic.  Contact us to see how we can help.


We work as an extension of your marketing team to grow your mobile presence through hundreds of publisher relationships using a unified platform.  With Ignite as your mobile marketing agency, you can count on a dedicated Account Management and Media team of experts working on behalf of your brand.

Mobile affiliate marketing

We've been in the performance space for over 20 years, and have the relationships to prove it.  Our experts will develop a customized mobile recruitment plan based on your target audience and manage everything from affiliate publisher research, outreach, on-boarding and relationship management. 


Whether you're looking for a mobile go-to-market strategy or to scale your existing app or mobile traffic, we develop diverse app channel distribution and cross-device strategies to reach your target audience and KPI goals.  


We are constantly testing, optimizing and iterating your mobile campaigns' and publishers' performance.  We run daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly analysis based on multi-channel analytics to create actionable insights for your mobile affiliate strategy. We have the ability to integrate your program with mobile tracking and analytics partners like TUNE, Singular, KOCHAVA, Apsalar, adjust and Localytics.


Protecting your brand is a top priority of ours, which is why our Compliance Team monitors your brand 24/7.   We actively monitor your mobile publishers to ensure they are promoting you in the way they said they would, and that all ad placements meet your guidelines.  We proactively resolve any mobile compliance issues identified on your behalf, to ensure that your brand is safe.