Ignite OPM is Excited to Start Managing the Sirius XM Affiliate Program!

While trying to contain as much excitement as possible, Ignite OPM is beyond pleased to welcome Sirius XM Satellite Radio to the family!

Sirius XM creates and offers commercial-free music, premier sports (NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, and more), live events, news, comedy, exclusive talk and entertainment, and a wide variety of Latin commercial-free music, sports, and talk programming. Sirius XM is also one of the world's largest pure-play audio entertainment companies and is among the largest subscription media companies in the United States, offering an impressive array of exclusive content that spans virtually all genres and interests. Sirius XM is available in vehicles from every major car company in the U.S. and smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online streaming.

Lauren, Ignite OPM’s Managing Director, said “We are very excited for Sirius XM to join Ignite OPM’s vast number of subscription-focused clients.  Our partnership provides a crucial opportunity to show larger brands, like Sirius XM, how Ignite OPM can foster publisher relationships and paid media opportunities to grow Sirius XM’s customer base in a cost-effective, profitable way. With dozens of publishers already chomping at the bit to promote Sirius XM, I can’t wait to lock in quality placements and deliver innovative solutions to the Sirius XM team – game on!”

One fundamental element that makes this partnership so exciting is Sirius XM’s subscription packages. Ignite OPM continues to find dominating success with clients who use a subscription model, and to some who may find this model unfamiliar or non-traditional, Ignite OPM sees it as “home field advantage”. By partnering with Ignite OPM, Sirius XM is now able to take advantage of quality subscription-focused publisher relationships and paid media opportunities to increase conversion volume and overall brand awareness. Furthermore, when working with subscription models, Ignite OPM has the experience to dive deeper than the average performance reports provided within affiliate networks. Ignite OPM takes the time to dive into more granular data, such as lifetime value analysis (LTV), to dissect the consumer behavior within that subscription model, which in-turn better helps predict the current and future relationship of each customer. This is just one of MANY tricks Ignite OPM has up their sleeve!

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Ignite OPM Launches the Roman Affiliate Program

Ignite OPM kicks off 2018 with our newest client, Roman, who’s been receiving global recognition by top brands such as Men’s Health, CNN, Tech Crunch and Forbes!

Roman is a 'cloud pharmacy' full-stack men's health company, providing online diagnosis and discreet shipping of safe, legal ED medication. Roman is made up of doctors, pharmacists, and problem solvers who noticed something: Men’s health. More precisely, the relationship men have with their health, is broken: how we diagnose it, how we talk about it, how we feel about it, how we communicate it, how we suffer with it, how we ignore it, and how we deal with it. Roman is currently available in 17 US states.

One of the strongest ties between Ignite OPM and Roman is Roman’s determination to tell their story. They’ve certainly uncovered an on-going need within the men’s health industry and have found solutions that really work. So, what’s the problem? Roman quickly realized that getting their story out is a difficult task. To some, working within the men’s health industry, can be frightening and oftentimes downright uncomfortable. However, Ignite OPM sees this as a unique opportunity to develop non-traditional ways to tap into this audience, and encourage publishers to tell this incredible story.  

Carrol, one of Ignite OPM’s Account Managers said “We love Roman! Their story is incredible, and we can’t wait to bring this to our strong list of health and wellness publishers. We understand that each one of our clients has a unique story to tell, which ultimately drove them to follow their passion to start a business in the first place. It’s Ignite OPM’s standard to work with clients whom we truly believe in, to ‘catch their wave’ and ultimately become brand advocates ourselves. The more we believe-in our clients and trust their products/services, the more excited our publishers become to promote each brand. In turn, we’re able to yield the most authentic, engaging placements possible. A win-win for Roman and Ignite!”  

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The Bouqs Affiliate Program Launch Closes Out The Best Year Yet For Ignite OPM!

As we gear up for 2018, Ignite is excited to partner with The Bouqs Company! ‘The Bouqs’ brings you artisan flowers delivered straight from a sustainable farm.  It lets customers experience fresh “farm-to-table” flowers.  Headquartered in Venice Beach, California, they have direct farm partnerships in South America and California. The company offers cut-to-order flowers to consumers and wholesale customers within the United States.  Lauren, Ignite OPM’s Managing Director, said “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with ‘The Bouqs’! It’s always great working with clients who have previous experience in the affiliate space.  This allowed us to skip the ‘introductory stages’ and dive right into how Ignite OPM can take their affiliate marketing efforts and relationships to the next level. Additionally, the floral industry provides publishers unique, year-round opportunities to capitalize on holidays, birthdays, and ongoing events – this truly is a win-win for everyone!”

Another thing we love about The Bouqs is they offer fresh flowers which are often delivered before they have bloomed so that they sustain a greater life for the customer.  All farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and cut only what is sold - maximizing efforts to reduce waste and provide signature 'Farm to Table' arrangements. What sets them apart from most other floral delivery companies is that their prices always include shipping and there are never any hidden fees. They even have Free Shipping on Weekdays!  Nearly all their items are a single flat price and all their flowers are cut on the day of the order and can be delivered in as little as 2 hours. 

Meet one of their farmers, Mike, in the video below!

In addition to sending flowers for that special occasion, the Bouqs has a subscription service where customers can save 25% and look like a hero to their loved ones with regularly scheduled flowers.  With so many options, it’s no wonder that the Bouqs is one of the fastest growing artisan flower delivery companies in the US.     

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Ignite Introduces 2 More Affiliate Programs, Prynt & Drizly!

Ignite OPM continues to show no signs of slowing down, and the addition of two more affiliate program certainly solidifies that fact. The newest addition to the Ignite OPM arsenal, an industry leading alcohol delivery service known as Drizly, is certainly an office favorite!

We know that our team’s level of strategy and execution will take their program to the next level. We’re excited to recruit and grow non-traditional affiliate channels like content, review sites and cart abandonment into their program, while continuing to optimize on their traditional affiliate traffic for maximum ROI and reach.  The Drizly team’s willingness and understanding of the importance to test and invest in these more non-traditional opportunities makes our team all the more excited and confident that this will be a successful, fun and long-term partnership.  Lauren, MD, said “Drizly’s team is fantastic! Their understanding of how affiliate can seamlessly support their other marketing initiatives, allows us to create an innovative strategy that will support all that they are doing internally.”

So onto the more important aspects of this post, a liquor store right to your smartphone! Yes, we said that correctly, Drizly is an alcohol delivery service where users can literally order anything from wine and craft beer, to kegs, party supplies and even garnishes! No different than Lyft for rides or Grub Hub for food delivery, Drizly conveniently allows you to order alcohol from your smartphone, transforming the way alcohol is shopped, sold and shared. Does it get any better? Seriously, I’ll wait on an answer…

Drizly began in 2012 when two friends, co-founders Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson, were curious why they couldn't get beer delivered when nearly everything else had become so readily available through technology. By building a platform that combines competitive prices and the widest selection online, Drizly brings the liquor store right to your smartphone. By partnering with local retailers, the beverages come to you when and where you want them. Drizly's tools and technology are transforming the way retailers run their businesses and together they are committed to delivering a superior shopping experience for you, the customer. They currently serve customers of legal drinking age in 40 markets across U.S. and Canada.

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Another affiliate program we’re excited to launch is Prynt. Co-Founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang founded Prynt in June 2014 in Paris, France. Former engineers with a passion for creativity and photos, the team has grown to 20 working in San Francisco.

When the Ignite team first got their hands on a Prynt Pocket photo printer, we were hooked! It’s such a fun concept and truly is revolutionizing the old-school Polaroid camera we all know and love. Additionally, given Ignite’s success with other photography and lifestyle clients, we know that our team’s publisher recruitment strategy and overall experience within this space can really move the needle quickly for this program. Lauren, MD, said “When I first received the Prynt Pocket in the mail, I couldn’t wait to bring it in the office. It was a hit to say the least! Prynt is another client with quality products that we truly stand behind. When we get excited about our client’s products, it truly shows in our efforts to grow the program every day.”

Prynt reimagines how we share digital content in the physical world with the first-ever smartphone printer/phone case. Pictures from Prynt have short video clips embedded inside so you can share your memories in a way that's tangible and magical.

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Adperio / Ignite OPM Named #1 Best Place to Work in Colorado

Having recently celebrated 23 years in digital marketing, Adperio was named #1 Best Place to Work For in Colorado by ICC and ColoradoBiz Magazine.  “This is especially meaningful for us as employees’ anonymous survey feedback play a huge part in this achievement. We are very proud of our company culture, and want to thank our employees for helping Adperio be an incredible place to work,” said Jill Fletcher, COO...